Society of four houses

Each study is a study of entanglement;¬† optical as in the shadow/light generated work; tectonic–the nature of assembly and intersecting parts; material–such as the bending of wood. In all cases the passage through and between property, the creation of implied shared ownership and the asymmetric¬† dance between the social compact and the fortified legal language of “ownership” propel and regulate the project.

entanglement of shadow and light, white and black

open building form woven from landform.

plan of 4 houses organized from coninuous wound elements

4 houses emerge from 4 continuous, interlocking walls

bending and weaving: four spaces fusing and crossing

cross section of spatial interweaving

siteplan (urban)

Alternative site plan (rural)

four houses (urban)

4 houses: from stable to fluid geomtry

studies of transforming material geometry, weaving of horizontal and vertical orders