Recent Work

drawings, studies and experiments, some recent, some not so recent

Shadow and Light

In situ ink drawings of light and shadow; a search for structure and the autonomous order of marks arising from setting/scene/place.


An experimental structure based on the sunpaths (above) over the course of a year. A small “sunbox” was fabricated to record the daily sweep of light onto its interior floor.


Derived from the earlier “sunbox” this large scale installation was constructed from sun position data to make a public calendar/time piece. At specific times and dates, a beam of sunlight would pass through the occluding structure, marking a tablet on the ground outside.

Sun Animation


Ten years of sun movement compressed to less than one minute, as recorded inside the sunbox

Wanderer House

A geometric narrative transformation of an archetyeРdense and impenetrable massРinto house, as incribed by an immaterial  space/ void intersecting solid gravity bound material.

Four House Society

How can we live interdependently while maintaining our identity? The idea of four intertwined houses is explored in drawings and models